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abr 20, 2014 Written by romualda

escap 004

For escapulario we can understand two pieces associated with the Catholic religion: a piece of clothing or a piece monastic devotion. The monastic escapulario is a piece of cloth of some Catholic, male and female religious congregations (Carmelites, Trinitarians, Mercy, Dominicans, etc.). It consists of a strip with an opening for the head that hang [...]

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Category: culture, religion
Tag: amulet, escapulario, religión

Kauyumari el venado azul

abr 20, 2014 Written by romualda

sacred animals

Taking my inspiration from de conflict in the struggle for the huichol sacred territory. the respect of human, animal, territorial rights and the message that huichol people always repeat: taking care of Mother Earth and natural life and resources, I also refer to the importance of the sacred animals in my culture, paying homage to them and the [...]

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Category: animal respect, culture, oaxaca
Tag: animal wisdom, earth day, huichol, huichol culture, mother earth, sacred animals, wiricuta


dic 19, 2012 Written by romualda


The human’s greed and eagerness to possess. has had a profound impact on nature, and has depleted natural resources. This limitation of resources, can acquire another meaning with unlimited possibilities, creating through, recycled materials. This project is an approach to the idea of life as a constant cycle of transformation. Any object by being pieced [...]

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Category: ecología
Tag: eco design, recycling, upcycling


dic 09, 2012 Written by romualda

Traditional textile rooster from Santa María Huazolotitlán, Oaxaca

My mother is an amazing weaver. I try to continue and expand upon my mother’s craft, translating her knit, embroidered and crocheted works into different pieces of jewelry and accessories. Weaving and knitting, I’ve found part of my own world, each piece explores my childhood memories, dreams, fantasies, and desires. I like creating smart designed [...]

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Category: culture, oaxaca, Uncategorized
Tag: mexican folk, mexican textile art, music, romualda, Santa María Huazolotitlán

Mexican style

sep 28, 2012 Written by romualda


My work is inspired in the concept of the place where I belong. Considering birth land and blood family as special values to trust in. The style of my creations reflects both, my personality as well as daily life and culture in Mexico. Local music, mezcal, fiestas, folk, ancient cultures, the global world and the [...]

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Category: culture, oaxaca, Uncategorized
Tag: loteria, mexican, mexican style